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chef ehoud's story


It is quite literally impossible to speak with Chef Ehoud about anything without hearing about food. Having spent his formative years on the fertile fields of the Israeli moshav (farming settlement), Ehoud grew up with a life-blood connection with food, flavors, and spice. He learned his craft at the renowned Dan Gourmet Culinary Institute in Tel Aviv, and soon brought his expertise to the shores of America, working up the ranks of high-end gastronomic titans such as the Hilton. He is currently employed as the head chef at a retirement home in Richardson, Texas, where his delectibles are enjoyed by hundreds of patrons daily.

Chef Ehoud has a passion for sweet, spicy, and savory treats, but nothing brings him and his customers more satisfaction than the irresistible crackle of fresh baked bread. With an apron caked in flour, he labors over warm pitas, challahs, and Jerusalem-style bagels in his home kitchen, hand making each and every loaf with care and love. And his artisan hummus is the only dip that truly matches his breads in flavor, serving as the perfect coupling of crust and cream that would satisfy any palette. Take a bite of Chef Ehoud’s handiwork and you will never be able to eat a grocery-bought loaf again!

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